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This is a great game!

One thing that could make it better is that on custom mode the song repeats. I find it annoying when the song ends and I only hear silence.

How to play this????

Use the arrow keys to change shape or catch the dots.

What exactly causes you to lose? I don't see any health bar and sometimes I die right after getting a perfect.

Loved it! AMAZING track! absolute banger~ :)

Really nice looking game, awesome!

Good, clean fun.

Very cool game, also very hard.

The game is really cool!

By the way, what mean signs "bad", "perfect", "great", etc?

Hey there, thanks! That's your accuracy with the rhythm of the music, the more "perfect" you get, the more combos you'll do :-)


Wait...doesn't run on DOS?! =P

No fullscreen?!


Really nice game, even though i don't know what to do with the circles... :/ but great overall :)


As I know, you should press right if the circle is on the right and left if on the left

Yee, I realized that later on.. but thx!